Don’t Marry Him - part 3

Part 2 is here.

Part 1 is here. 

"You came." Emma said excitedly. 

"I did." Regina says with a smile. She doesn’t say that she didn’t mention it to Rumplestitskin. She knows she supposed to come her to prove something to Emma. She supposed to show her that she picked Emma over him. But what Emma doesn’t understand is that it isn’t the choice at all. She would pick Emma over him in a heartbeat. The choice is whether she is wiling to risk Emma’s life for officially being with her. And that Regina won’t do. She is already risking too much with the secret meetings.  But she can’t lose her and she can’t let her die.  So she stands there and looks at Emma’s excited face and she hopes Emma won’t ask.  Because if she did they both know Emma would cry and maybe she would even leave Regina. 

"You came for me." Emma repeats like a child who just a got a gift it never expected to get. "You put me first."

And hearing these four words break Regina’s heart some more.  No one ever really treated Emma right and the fact that Regina is here giving her a false hope that tears her apart. But she doesn’t let it show. No, never. She will give this day to Emma. She will make her happy as long as she can. As long as Emma won’t know says a tiny voice in her head. 

Regina doesn’t say anything instead she takes a step back and wraps Emma in her arms. She kisses her and she tries to put everything she can in the kiss. The love she has for Emma and the apology for something she can’t tell in Emma’s face.

"Are you okay?" Emma asks when they finally break apart. She can feel there is something bothering Regina and even tough she is happy. Blissful actually that Regina finally did what Emma asked of her she cant help but feel there is something wrong. 

"Is it Cora? Are you afraid she will do something?" Emma continues asking. When her only answer is Regina’s silence she pulls her into a stronger hug.

"It will be okay. I won’t let her hurt me." Emma reassures Regina and kisses her on her forehead.

Regina thinks that Emma would have no chance to defend herself. That this is why they will never know. This is why they can never be together the way Emma wants them too.

Emma starts placing soft kisses on Regina’s neck trying to get her mind off sad things. Emma doesn’t really understand why Regina is so sad. She knows Regina is scared for her but Emma can take care of herself. She knows how to fight. Emma just wants Regina to be happy as she should be on their happy day.

She kisses Regina again and caresses her back and then she takes her to the bed. She slowly lays her down on the cushion. She is gonna make Regina happy. She is gonna make her satisfied. She grins and leans down to please the woman below her.   

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